Victims of the sea


Phandrom is a Heavy Rock band from Northern Norway located not far from the North Pole. The music reflects Phandroms daily surroundings - high mountains, avalanches and dangers of the rough Barents sea.


The band developed over decades as the ultimate musical dream for two friends growing up together. Hallgeir Pedersen and Bjørn Ivar Aslaksen spent most of their free time listening to bands like Deep Purple, Dio, Rainbow, Alcatrazz, Kiss and Iron Maiden. Being talented rockers in a small town meant that they had to go through some difficult times being different. Decades after this backdrop still remains.


Odd-Erling Simensen joined the band in 1999, long before the band Phandrom was created. The trio has sticked together ever since.



About the band



Phandroms first album "Victims of the sea" was released may 2018 by Rob Mules records. The 6 tracks tells a story of hard life conditions in the north of Norway.

The 6 tracks are published on a digital format on itunes and spotify, and is available on CD and LP. 

Hallgeir Pedersen(guitar), Bjørn Ivar Aslaksen(drums), Odd Erling Simensen(bass)and Terje Storvig(vocals)

The album was mastered by the legendary sound engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug at Rainbow Studio.  

Victims of the sea

Rob Mules Records:

Fru Phandrom




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